La traversée de l` Altiplano
La travesía del altiplano
The crossing of the Altiplano

Dear Friends,

The book  “The crossing of the Altiplano” by Jean Fricot , of 262 pag.,full color photographs, 20cmx15 1/2 cm,  French, Spanish , English in one book.  Is on sale.

This book show you the real stories of the memories of Jean Fricot (French) , about the  adventure trips in Bolivia and some other countries in South America always accompanied of his  friend  Guillermo (Boliviano), a car 4wd,  driver (Boliviano) and his assistant  (normally young girl from France).

Trip by Trip,  more and more adventures , the friendship between Jean and Guillermo was growing more, passed some other trips until finally born the idea for writing a first book.

Now I present you the first book of ¨The crossing of the Altiplano¨. I wait that you enjoy it a lot . Many  thanks.

With my best regards.

Guillermo Moreno

Please,  contac us to the next address:

Guillermo Moreno
Sagarnaga str. 288. of 10
Mobile : 712 99 504 (24 hrs)

Some pictures of the book

Jean & children in the inmense salar of Uyuni

Jean & Guillermo (Sajama Mountain 6500 mts high)

Guillermo & Jean inside of the cooperative mine in Potosi

Jean in the entrance of the cooperative mine (Potosi)

Guillermo & Jean

Jean in the hot springs of the Sajama area